Arriflex III 35mm Camera with PL Lens Mount

Arriflex III 35mm Spinning Mirror Reflex camera with Super 35 gate and Cinematography Electronics high speed crystal base. This camera package includes a PL lens mount, orientable viewfinder with video tap optics (no video tap camera included), digital footage and frame rate displays, two 400' magazines, carry handle, and fitted case. The included Cinematography Electronics base features a forward/reverse switch and crystal control speeds that are easily selected with a push-button digital switch. Speeds are selectable from 5 fps to 50 fps. The base also features a variable speed mode that provides crystal controllable speeds from 0 to 50 fps. This camera runs on one 12V battery up to 24fps, or requires two 12V batteries to run high speed. This Arri III was retired from the rental inventory of Panavision Europe.

$2,900 Item #C10635
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