Arriflex II C 35mm camera with PL Lens Mount

Arriflex II C camera with PL lens mount. This camera features a Fellini / Technovision viewfinder door for the largest and brightest possible image through the viewfinder. The Fellini door adds a critical focusing control, a built-in color contrast filter, a built-in ND contrast filter, and a light trap control much like the world renowned Mitchell BNCR. In an effort to keep the camera's profile as small as possible, and ideal for hand-held, Steadycam, or tripod mounting, an Italian flat base was added to the camera. Attached to the Italian flatbase is a Thoma crystal motor II. This motor features forward and reverse operation, 24 fps and 25 fps crystal controlled speeds, and a variable speed setting that will allow you to go from 0 to 25 fps. An Arri II C riser block with Arri matte box dovetail is also included. The package includes two reversible 400' magazines and a power cable. $4,900 Item #C10542

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