Éclair CM3

Éclair Cameflex CM3 16/35mm spinning mirror reflexed motion picture camera. A favorite camera of Haskell Wexler, an Academy Award winning director of photography, the Éclair CM3 features: spinning mirror reflex viewfinding, a bright orientable viewfinder, a 3 lens turret, two 400' 35mm displacement magazines, a custom baseplate with iris rods and a two-stage rotating matte box, and an Optical Electro House variable speed crystal motor with Tobin electronics. The 3 lens turret includes one PL lens mount and 2 Éclair lens mounts. This is an excellent light-weight, hand held MOS or second unit camera. The Éclair CM3 is a truly versatile camera in that it can shoot both 35mm and 16mm film with a simple change of magazines and a small adjustment. Many cinematographers have had their CM3 cameras converted for either Techniscope 2-perf 35 or Super 16 as well, making this camera unique in the formats that it is capable of shooting. The camera is in very good, clean condition and ready for your production. $3,000 Item #C10545

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