Fries Mitchell 35R3 with Lynx Robotics Motors

The Fries Mitchell 35R3 is one of the most reliable and compact high speed production cameras available. The dual pin registration and 4-pin pull-down mechanism make for the steadiest possible photographic images. This Fries Mitchell 35R3 comes out of the inventory of Cinema Production Services, a pioneering miniature effects company here in Hollywood. It was used in the production of many feature projects, such as "Live Free or Die Hard", "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", "Battle Los Angeles", "The A-Team", "Rose Red", "Final Destination 3", and many more. The 35R3 is ideal for registered plate photography, second unit, and MOS production. This particular camera, serial number 1156, is in immaculate condition. It features dual pin registration with a 4-pin pull-down claw, spinning mirror reflex with a pin registered ground glass assembly for precise visual effects line up, an orientable viewfinder, a PL lens mount, a coveted Lynx Robotics C-50GC crystal motor with motion control input and output, single frame animation mode, and crystal speeds from 1 to 120 frames per second, a Watec 201A color video tap, one 400' magazine with flicker-free brake, two 1000' magazines with flicker-free brakes, and cases for all. Other lens mounts are also available. Originally sold by Mitchell in 1956 to the U.S. Navy as a rackover Mitchell GC, and later converted by Fries to the 35R3, this camera is a top choice for anyone working in the visual effects field. Browse through the gallery below for some production stills showing these Fries cameras in action. A great second unit or special visual effects camera for any major feature film, or just a gorgeous working collectible for your office or study. $3,900 Item #C10520MJ

After Shock, Battle Los Angeles, Final Destination 3, Live Free or Die Hard, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Night at the Museum posters
Rose Red, The A-Team, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vertical Limit, and X-men Origins Wolverine posters

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