Vintage Mitchell GC 35mm High Speed Camera

mitchell gc 763

This Hollywood classic Mitchell Standard high speed (GC) serial number 763 is offered with the following equipment: one 400' Mitchell magazine, high speed motor, Nikon lens mount, power cable and case. Use with the included high speed motor or shoot hand cranked. A hand crank is available separately. The Mitchell Standard high speed is capable of shooting from 1 to 120 frames per second and features dual pin registration and 4 pin pull down claws for the steadiest image possible.

Mitchell 763 was sold to Holloman Air Force Base in 1948. It was at Holloman, after World War II, that the Air Materiel Command established its primary site for the testing and development of pilot-less aircraft, guided missiles, and other research programs. Many missiles were launched here at what became known at the Air Force Missile Development Center, including the Tiny Tim, Rascal, V-2, XQ-2 Drone, Falcon, MACE, Matador, and Shrike. Beginning in 1968, Holloman AFB became the home of the 49th Tactical Fighter Wing and their aircraft training and operations. The 49th worked with the F-4 Phantom II, F-15 Eagle, and F-117A Nighthawk at this facility and continues its work at Holloman today with the F-22 Raptor¹.

The camera found its way into the visual effects world sometime in the 1970s as evidenced by the addition of a Nikon lens mount to the stock turret and a built-in video tap. As part of our studio's inventory, this camera worked on many television shows, commercials, and feature films as a visual effects plate camera and for high speed photography. This is an excellent vintage-look collectors camera, or a great camera for your next production. The camera is clean, with glossy white paint, and has been recently serviced. Ready for your production or an excellent addition to your Hollywood collectibles. $2,999 Item #C10275

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