Panavision Super R-200 (SPSR) Camera

Panavision Super R-200 Camera

One of the finest examples of Panavision's legendary engineering, the PSR was introduced ca. 1967 and met with immediate success across the movie making world. Based on the Mitchell NC and BNC cameras, the Panavision PSR was smaller, lighter, quieter, and easier to use than the Mitchell BNC or BNCR. Under the guidance of Robert Gottschalk (founder of Panavision), camera operators, directors of photography, and assistant cameramen were interviewed to learn what features they thought were missing from cameras of the day. The PSR was designed to incorporate the needs and wants of these industry professionals. In the early 1980's, to extend the life of the venerable PSR, the Super R-200 (SPSR) was introduced. This improved version of the PSR lightened the camera by 12 lbs. and moved the motor to the back of the camera, making the camera smaller, quieter, and easier to use. Additionally, the motor was redesigned to stop the reflex mirror in the viewfinding position, digital footage/frame counters and FPS displays were added in the assistant's position, and modular video assist systems were made available. The Panavision PSR and the Super R-200 remained popular through the 1990's for television and feature films, working on shows like "Frasier" (1993), "Murphy Brown" (1988), "Superman" (1978), "The Parallax View" (1974), "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope" (1977), "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969), "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back" (1980), and more recently "Knives Out" (2019).

This camera, SPSR 160 began its life as a Mitchell NC, serial #456. It was originally purchased by MGM in 1951. NC #456 was likely acquired by Panavision sometime in the late 1960's and converted to a PSR. In the early 1980's it was converted once more to an SPSR. The camera is in extremely nice condition. All moving parts seem to be well cared for and in excellent used condition. There are some minor nicks and scrapes to the blimp housing as with any hard-working production camera.

We are delighted to offer this exceptional camera for sale. Only a handful of Panavision cameras have ever been available for private ownership. This camera is offered with a Panavision 20-120mm Series Z6-06 T3 zoom lens and a standard Mitchell 1000' magazine. The lens appears to be in excellent used condition. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity! $79,000 Item #C12070

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