Contax Camera and Zeiss Lens Package used by Dan Curry on Star Trek The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise

Seven-time Prime Time Emmy Award Winning Visual Effects Supervisor / Producer / Director Dan Curry has given us permission to offer this history-making Contax camera package to fans and collectors. This equipment was used to create many on-screen images for STAR TREK: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. Dan and the VFX crew incorporated hundreds of images into matte paintings, set extensions, or used still images to create complete backgrounds so actors could be added to the scene through blue or green screen compositing. Images captured by this camera package appeared in over 40 episodes in the STAR TREK universe.

Inner Light Village - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Some of the most memorable sequences these cameras were a part of include:

  • The "Captain's Holiday" episode of TNG featuring the pleasure planet Risa.
  • Many episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 were created with digitally enhanced stills taken with these cameras and lenses.
  • The primordial Earth as seen in the TNG finale, "All Good Things" relied heavily on still elements shot with this equipment.
  • The ice planets featured in TNG, Voyager, and Enterprise incorporated stills of glaciers in Canada shot with this equipment.
  • The Bajoran Fire Caves, seen in the DS9 finale episode, among numerous other episodes - these exteriors were photographed in Mizen Head, Ireland. Dan digitally painted colossal statues and pathways into the spectacular cliffs of Mizen Head. The cave interiors appearing in this episode were created by combining partial sets on the Paramount sound stages and stills taken in Krag Caves, Ireland.
  • This Contax camera package was used in the episode of Voyager, "Barge of the Dead", where Dan used his photographs of Irish rock walls to create the Klingon underworld, Stovokor, and again in "Blink of an Eye" where the script was written to take advantage of Dan's still photographs of a restored Irish iron age fort. Dan and his team added actors via blue screen to the bizarre rock formations of The Burins to create the alien world and civilization.
  • Stills of the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine, California were used to create volcanoes and rivers of lava in the Voyager episodes "Basics, Parts 1 & 2".
  • Voyager's landing in the episode "The 37s" was created using Dan's stills.
  • At least fifteen episodes of Enterprise also used stills taken with this Contax package.
Star Tek stills banner

Despite extensive travel and use, Dan meticulously maintained his gear and all the lenses. The camera bodies remain in just out-of-the-box, like new condition. Image quality is exceptional. A full list of the STAR TREK episodes on which this camera package was used is available on request.

Items Included in the Package:

  • Tamrack camera back pack
  • Contax RTS body - the best they made with ceramic vacuum pressure plate to hold film as flat as possible for perfect focus
  • Contax S2b titanium body
  • Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 35-70mm T3.4 zoom lens
  • Zeiss Planar 50mm T1.4 prime lens
  • Zeiss Vario-Planar 100-300mm T4.5 to 5.6 zoom lens
  • Zeiss Distagon 18mm T4 prime lens
  • Zeiss Distagon 28mm T2 prime lens
  • Zeiss Mutar 2x focal length doubler
  • Contax TLA flash in original case
  • Contax reverser ring
  • Contax Electronix cable release
  • Mechanical cable release for S2b body
  • Hoya 55 to 52mm step down ring
  • Rubber lens hood
  • Original lens pouches

Item# V11208

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