Super Baltar Lens Set in PL Mounts

Rehoused Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar lens set in PL mounts. This immaculate set of Super Baltar lenses includes: a 20mm T2.3 in PL mount, a 25mm T2.3 in PL mount, a 35mm T2.3 in PL mount, a 50mm T2.3 in PL mount, a 75mm T2.3 in PL mount, and a 100mm T2.3 in PL mount. The 20mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm lenses were rehoused in the Kenji Suematsu design for F&B CECo, a major movie equipment rental house in New York and Hollywood. The 35mm lens is in the original Super Baltar housing, but has been converted for PL mount. All of the lenses were serviced and collimated in house during the PL mount conversion. All of the lenses are free from scratches, cleaning marks, and fungus, and all controls work smoothly. The lenses all feature focus gears and include front and rear lens caps. The rehoused lenses have large, clear, bright focus and f stop engraving in the much sought after horizontal orientation. Markings on the 35mm lens are stock as they came from Bausch & Lomb and are clean and clear. This lens set comes complete with a fitted Encore shipping case.

$49,500 #L10982

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