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Come visit our showroom if you are in the area. Contact: Richard Bennett Phone: (424)297-0049 Fax: (424)297-0249 E-mail: Address: 4823 Marine Ave.                     Lawndale, California 90260 Hours: We are currently closed while we move to our new location.

Order Information

To place an order with us, or if you have any questions about an item in our catalog, please give us a call at (424)297-0049 or send us an email at To make a purchase, you can e-mail us with the item or items that you are interested in, along with your actual shipping address and telephone number, and we will e-mail you an invoice and payment instructions. Local customers are welcome to come and visit our showroom and make any purchases in person. Phone or e-mail order customers in the United States can pay by check or PayPal. International customers can pay by PayPal or wire transfer. Shipping and handling charges are based on your location and the type of service required.

⇐ Sell Us Your Vintage Equipment ⇒

We are currently on the hunt for vintage and antique motion picture cameras and equipment for purchase and restoration. Hand cranked cameras, wooden cameras, and metal cameras dating from before the 1960s are our prime focus. We are also on the hunt for vintage lenses, wooden tripods, pan/tilt heads, and other motion picture camera accessories such as iris accessories, shaped mattes (keyhole, binocular, etc.), early electric motors, hand cranked projectors, and other similar vintage gear. Cameras and accessories from makers such as Bell & Howell, Burke & James, Mitchell, Prestwich, Debris, Lumiere, Wall, Arriflex, Akeley, Ernemann, Universal, Williamson, Newman Sinclair, Pathe, Moy & Bastie, Bass, Darling, Gennert, Sterling, Bausch & Lomb (Baltar), Cooke, Kowa, Zeiss, Dallmeyer, Goerz, Leitz, Angenieux, Todd A.O., Cinemascope, Panavision, Darlot Petzval, and Kodak Ekton or Ektar are all of interest to us. If you have equipment like this that you are interested in selling or having restored, please contact us by telephone at (818) 780-5404, or by e-mail at

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If you are in the Los Angeles area, stop by our showroom and take a look at all of the equipment we have on display. We are located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles at 4823 Marine Ave., Lawndale, CA 90260.

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