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CinemaGear.com is proud to offer the finest in vintage, antique, and collectible motion picture cameras, lenses, accessories, and historic motion picture equipment. We also have a full machine shop on site and stock a large selection of camera parts for all of your restoration, repair, and modification needs. From the smallest parts to complete shooting packages, explore our unique inventory of motion picture gear.

We are currently seeking vintage and antique motion picture cameras and equipment for purchase and restoration.  Hand cranked cameras, wooden cameras, and metal cameras dating from before the 1960s are our prime focus.  We are also on the hunt for vintage lenses, wooden tripods, pan/tilt heads, and other motion picture camera accessories such as iris accessories, shaped mattes (keyhole, binocular, etc.), early electric motors, hand cranked projectors, and other similar vintage gear.  Cameras and accessories from makers such as Bell and Howell, Burke and James, Mitchell, Prestwich, Debris, Lumiere, Wall, Arriflex, Akeley, Ernemann, Universal, Williamson, Newman Sinclair, Pathe, Moy and Bastie, Bass, Darling, Gennert, Sterling, Bausch and Lomb (Baltar), Cooke, Kowa, Zeiss, Dallmeyer, Goerz, Leitz, Angenieux, Todd A.O., Cinemascope, Panavision, Darlot Petzval, and Kodak Ekton or Ektar are all of interest to us.  If you have equipment like this that you are interested in selling or having restored, please contact us by telephone at (818) 780-5404, or by e-mail at cinemagear@cinemagear.com.

Rehoused Super Baltar Lens Set in PL mounts

Akeley gyro head with high hat, f and b ceco friction head, mitchell anti aircraft pan tilt head