Schneider Cine Xenon motion picture camera lenses in Arriflex Standard mount

New for the Week of October 12, 2021

Freshly added to this week, we have a collection of Schneider Cine Xenon lenses, all available with an Arriflex Standard mount. These lenses have been cleaned, lubricated, and collimated, and are all in used condition.

Twentieth Century Fox Cine Simplex Camera blueprint

Fox Cine Simplex Video

There are 2 things I thought would be interesting to share this week. Back in the mid-1980’s, I was buying equipment from a fellow who lived in Sacramento, and one of the things that was included in the pile of stuff was a set of the shop blueprints and handwritten notes from the Twentieth Century-Fox …

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Mitchell Standard sn. 532

Mitchell Standard sn. 532

We acquired Mitchell Standard #532 in 2021 from the camera inventory of John Lemmon Films, Inc., a studio based in Charlotte, North Carolina who specialized in clay animation. The camera was originally purchased by the United States Army Signal Corps in 1943. When the camera arrived in our shop, I found that the variable shutter …

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Twentieth Century Fox Cine Simplex Camera and Accessories

Continuing the Disassembly of the Cine Simplex

The deeper I dive into servicing the Fox Cine Simplex camera, the more fascinating engineering choices I find. As I was checking lubrication for the main drive, shutter shaft, and sprocket drive, I discovered the camera cavity was full of what looks like wool. A terrific early insulation, the wool would enhance the sound-proof nature …

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