Preparing the Dykstraflex motion control camera crane for exhibition at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures: cleaning and lubricating the main track, servicing and lubricating the trojan helmet pan tilt head, cleaning the main track rack gear, pointing out the very high tech paper clips that are gaffers taped to the Trojan head as witness marks for positioning, testing and preparing the motion control computer ready, loading the Dykstraflex onto to truck.

Preparing for May the 4th: The Dykstraflex at the Academy Museum

As part of my involvement with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences History and Technology Subcommittee, we have been hard at work getting the Dykstraflex cleaned up and ready to be exhibited at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. This was a long and tedious process, involving a fair amount of logistics, cleaning,

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Three polaroids showing a Mitchell VistaVision Butterfly camera, an ARRI BL2 camera, and an ARRI BL 4S camera that are now available for sale at

Camera Housekeeping

I played a lot of catch-up this week, getting several cameras finalized and ready to be listed on our website. Work is now complete on the VistaVision Butterfly camera, as well as the ARRI BL2, and the ARRI BL 4S is currently on the workbench undergoing a final inspection. All 3 cameras are now available

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