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Moviecam SuperAmerica MK 2

Moviecam SuperAmerica MK 2

Item #C13061

The Moviecam SuperAmerica MK 2 is an extraordinary 35mm sound silent motion picture camera featuring Super 35 format and a PL lens mount. When it was introduced in the 1980s, the Moviecam SuperAmerica (and its successor the MK 2) represented a seachange in the design and functionality of professional motion picture cameras. The design of the original SuperAmerica camera was far more user friendly, and incorporated much more modern electronics and advanced engineering than its contemporaries. The SuperAmerica MK 2 was the next generation of this groundbreaking design, featuring improvements pulled directly from feedback given by actual users of the camera. The popularity of the MK 2 led to Moviecam's acquisition by Arriflex in the 1990s, and culminated in the introduction of the ARRICAM.

This camera package comes complete with:

  • Moviecam SuperAmerica MK 2 camera body with Super 35 aperture
  • PL lens mount
  • Super 35/1.85 ground glass
  • Movielite module with variable formats
  • long and short eyepieces
  • remote hand grip
  • two 500' magazines
  • two 1000' magazines
  • top and shoulder mount magazine adapter
  • Moviecam swing-away matte box with hard mattes
  • Arriflex balance plate and dovetail
  • Iris rods
  • Moviecam follow focus
  • Moviecam color video tap (external color video signal is working, onboard electronic viewfinder not working)
  • 24/12 power breakout box
  • Movie speed control module
  • Moviecam syncro box
  • diagnostic boards and terminal kit
  • cases for all

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