Arriflex 2B Techniscope 2-perf cameras with PL lens mount

2-Perf Returns!

New this week: a pair of freshly converted Arriflex 2B 2-perf Techniscope cameras with PL mounts. As I was finishing up work on Mitchell Standard #125 and servicing several sets of lenses, my friend Daniil Nevskiy sent back two of my Arri 2Bs that he converted for 2-perf pull-down and PL lens mounts. I haven’t …

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Pana ARRI 35 II C

A Pana ARRI 35 II C!

A Pana ARRI 35 II C joins our offerings! While we were in the middle of moving from our previous location to our present one, we were offered a collection of cameras and accessories that we never had much of a chance to sort through. This diamond in the rough came to the surface a …

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Arriflex II C techniscope Camera

Arriflex II Techniscope Cameras

Just in are an Arriflex IIB and IIC Techniscope camera. Shown here is the Arri IIC. For those who don’t know, Techniscope is a 2-Perf pull-down 35mm film format developed by Technicolor and introduced in the 1960s. This format is ideal for the budget-conscious filmmaker who wants to shoot widescreen without using anamorphic lenses. It …

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Arriflex 35 no. 1166

Update: Arriflex 35 #1166

Update: With special thanks to Jan Heugel at Arriflex in Munich, we have learned that our Arriflex 35 was originally sold to the Hungarian Ministry of Defense in November 1942. We are both interested and a little terrified to learn more of its history. The search continues!

Original Arriflex 35

Introduced in 1937, the Arriflex 35 was a unique 35mm handheld motion picture camera that featured a revolutionary mirrored shutter and a parallax-free, erect image viewfinder. The Arri 35 is World War II vintage camera that was used originally by the German military during the war. Some early examples of this camera were captured by …

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