Company Updates

A view of our CinemaGear showroom with a variety of Mitchell, Bell and Howell Arriflex, Kodak, Auricon, and other motion picture cameras and accessories

A Little Redecorating

While I love all of the new stuff that has come in recently, I am quickly being overrun by boxes and loose equipment. It became necessary to re-do the showroom and make more shelf space. A good friend of mine built me this wonderful display rack, and I have spent the week mounting the shelving

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A view of most of the equipment that we have to move out of the warehouse area to assemble and place new shelving units. They are stacked 3 levels high in some places.

Reorganizing, Again . . .

Now that the Showscan cameras and equipment have found a new home, we found ourselves with a lot of much-needed, free space. So the reorganizing began once again! We cleared out a whole section of the warehouse space and acquired new shelving so we could better organize everything. There were sooooo many Mitchell 1000’ magazines

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