A Week of Many Projects

I took some time this week to catch up on a number of smaller projects while I carefully considered what my next step will be on Mitchell #46. Beginning with Mitchell #46 though, I spent a great deal of time considering how to set the camera up so I can begin machining the replacement bottom …

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Panavision 20-120mm T3 zoom lens in Panavision mount with focus control and integrated zoom motor

Panavision 20-120mm Zoom Lens

Recently, the Panavision SPSR went to its new home, but we were lucky enough to hold on to the Panavision zoom lens that was originally packaged with the camera. Rarely available for private ownership, we are offering this extraordinary lens separately and it is available now here: https://bit.ly/3izJXrg The lens is a Panavision 20-120mm T3 …

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Bausch and Lomb Baltar 100mm and 152mm lens cells

A Bounty of Baltars

Some time back, we acquired some military surplus Mitchell KF8 camera bodies and accessories. Only one of the cameras was complete, but each camera arrived with a case of 3 to 6 lenses in giant housings. Upon further inspection, we discovered that these were mostly Bausch & Lomb Baltar 50mm, 100mm, and 152mm lenses, along …

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New This Week: Angenieux 25-250mm T3.9 zoom lens in Arriflex Standard mount

Angenieux Zoom Lens

New This Week: An Angenieux 25-250mm T3.9 zoom lens in Arriflex Standard mount with the bracketry for a J4 zoom motor. I may have to pull a J4 out of my parts inventory and fit it to this lens. https://bit.ly/3qCzlg7

New This Week: Prime lenses including a Kinoptik 75mm, a Cooke Speed Panchro 47mm, and a Bausch & Lomb Baltar 152mm

New for the week of 1/11/22

New to the site this week are a variety of prime lenses from brands like Kinoptik, Cooke, Bausch & Lomb, and Astro Berlin. More lenses to come!