Vazen and Great Joy cine anamorphic lenses

Cine Anamorphic Lenses

Newly arrived are some very interesting modern anamorphic lenses, most with PL mounts. We have two cine anamorphic lenses manufactured by Vazen with a 1.8x anamorphic squeeze: a 40mm T2 featuring an E mount and a 65mm T2 featuring a PL mount (a PL to E mt adapter is also included). According to factory specs, […]

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A four-panel grid showing the PL lens mount disassembled (top left); machining the lens locking ring (top right); testing the fit of the machined lens mount (bottom left); modifications to the Fries Mitchell PL lens mount complete (bottom right)

Even More Too Many Projects

Last week we had a sneak peak at the Moviecam SuperAmerica and the two Showscan CP65 cameras as a couple of the many ongoing projects on my plate right now. On my list of tasks this week were: sourcing and ordering new batteries for the SuperAmerica camera and magazine digital counters; begin planning the baseplates

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Todd-AO 35mm T1.5 spherical lens in BNCR mount

New Additions to Our Lens Offerings

We are excited to offer this group of interesting BNCR mount lenses from the collection of Dan Kanes. Apropos of the Technovision Mitchell 205 that we have posted about recently, this collection includes an 85mm and a 50mm Technovision lens. Most unusual is the Todd AO 35mm spherical lens, an extremely rare offering. Equally interesting

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A full view of the collection of new camera equipment, including the rackover Mitchell BNC, the spinning mirror reflex Mitchell BNCR, the Mitchell 205, the Mitchell Standard, the Bausch & Lomb Baltar and Super Baltar lens sets, some tripods, Mitchell magazines, equipment cases, and various accessories.

A Mitchell Camera Haul!

This post comes a day later than our habit as we have spent much of the last week lifting, carrying, opening, and sorting a treasure trove of Mitchell camera equipment and lenses. (My back does not forgive me for this!) After several days of negotiation, I acquired a storage unit filled with absolutely wonderful movie

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