Bell & Howell 2709

An overview of 4 past projects: a Mitchell GC accessorized for motion control, a Bell & Howell 2709 with a Nikon hard front, an ARRI M with a Nikon hard front, and a nodal point compensating geared head.

A Few Projects from the Past

Before we took some time off for the holidays, I was going through blue prints and photographs of some of the projects I have done in the past. What I was really hoping to share were some of the accessories that added functionality of the various cameras without modifying the cameras themselves. These records are

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Acme Model 6 Rackover camera

Acme Model 6 Rackover camera

Acme’s Model 6 camera was the mainstay in optical printing, animation, and matte painting composite photography work for decades. The Acme Tool and Manufacturing Company began as a contract machine shop in the late 1920’s and entered the motion picture camera manufacturing business in 1930 when they were approached by Walt Disney to modify a

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Bell & Howell Cinemotor

Bell & Howell Cinemotor

In 1920, Bell & Howell introduced the Cinemotor, a revolutionary electric motor drive for their model 2709 motion picture camera. Research suggests that Bell & Howell was the first to introduce an electric camera motor that incorporated a centrifugal governor and a rheostat in order to achieve constant speeds at variable frame rates. For its

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Close-up of sales card for Bell and Howell 2709 sn. 58

Bell and Howell 2709 sn. 58

The next Bell & Howell camera on our restoration schedule is this early model 2709, serial #58. In beginning our research into the camera’s history, we started with the sales card which shows us the purchaser and sales date. The handwriting on this particular card is a bit difficult to decipher, but we think that

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