Pana ARRI 35 II C

A Pana ARRI 35 II C!

A Pana ARRI 35 II C joins our offerings! While we were in the middle of moving from our previous location to our present one, we were offered a collection of cameras and accessories that we never had much of a chance to sort through. This diamond in the rough came to the surface a …

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Panavision 20-120mm T3 zoom lens in Panavision mount with focus control and integrated zoom motor

Panavision 20-120mm Zoom Lens

Recently, the Panavision SPSR went to its new home, but we were lucky enough to hold on to the Panavision zoom lens that was originally packaged with the camera. Rarely available for private ownership, we are offering this extraordinary lens separately and it is available now here: The lens is a Panavision 20-120mm T3 …

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Panavision SPSR Super R200 sn. 160

Panavision SPSR Super R200 sn. 160

One of the finest examples of Panavision’s legendary engineering, the PSR was introduced ca. 1967 and met with immediate success across the movie making world. Based on the Mitchell NC and BNC cameras, the Panavision PSR was smaller, lighter, quieter, and easier to use than the Mitchell BNC or BNCR. Under the guidance of Robert …

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