A view of most of the equipment that we have to move out of the warehouse area to assemble and place new shelving units. They are stacked 3 levels high in some places.

Reorganizing, Again . . .

Now that the Showscan cameras and equipment have found a new home, we found ourselves with a lot of much-needed, free space. So the reorganizing began once again! We cleared out a whole section of the warehouse space and acquired new shelving so we could better organize everything. There were sooooo many Mitchell 1000’ magazines

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This week we bid a fond farewell to the Showscan CP65 cameras as they head to a new home. Here the cameras, magazines, lenses, and accessories are stacked and ready for pickup.

A Farewell to Showscan

This week we bid a fond farewell to the Showscan CP65 equipment as it headed to its new home. Prepping this package and staging everything for pickup took up the best part of this week. I was personally involved in the early Showscan project working for Doug Trumbull. I worked alongside John Russell building the

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Cinerama Slate

Cinerama Slate

I wanted to share one more truly amazing item from John Hora’s collection before the end of the year. John was involved in a project in 2012, along with fellow cinematographer Douglas Knapp and director David Strohmaier, filming a three-panel Cinerama travelog about Los Angeles in the original Cinerama style. Additionally John was part of

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Pathe 28mm Projector

Pathe 28mm Projector

While I don’t usually work on outside projects or projectors, I met a very charming man named Harvey Dunn who brought me a Pathe 28mm hand-cranked projector that he wanted restored. This projector is a part of Harvey’s wonderful collection of hand-cranked cameras and projectors. When he brought it to me, the projector was missing

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