Bausch and Lomb Baltar 100mm and 152mm lens cells

A Bounty of Baltars

Some time back, we acquired some military surplus Mitchell KF8 camera bodies and accessories. Only one of the cameras was complete, but each camera arrived with a case of 3 to 6 lenses in giant housings. Upon further inspection, we discovered that these were mostly Bausch & Lomb Baltar 50mm, 100mm, and 152mm lenses, along with a couple of Wollensak Raptar 10in lenses. We have since removed all of the lens cell from the KF8 housings and we now have a collection of these lens cells available for sale. For those unfamiliar, when Bausch & Lomb first introduced the Baltar series of lenses, they were sold as just the lens cell, meaning the aluminum tube with the various glass elements and iris installed, but no focusing mechanism or camera mount. These lens cells were made available to the various camera manufacturers as OEM parts, and the manufacturers made their own camera mounts and focus assemblies. The lenses are in various conditions, most in good used condition. For details about a particular lens, send us an email at