Three polaroids showing a Mitchell VistaVision Butterfly camera, an ARRI BL2 camera, and an ARRI BL 4S camera that are now available for sale at

Camera Housekeeping

I played a lot of catch-up this week, getting several cameras finalized and ready to be listed on our website. Work is now complete on the VistaVision Butterfly camera, as well as the ARRI BL2, and the ARRI BL 4S is currently on the workbench undergoing a final inspection. All 3 cameras are now available for sale at long last. Excitingly, the BL 2 includes a set of three Cooke Speed Panchro lenses, a 25mm Series III, a 50mm Series II, and a 75mm Series II. With work done on these cameras, I am contemplating my next project. I have an Auricon Super 1200 in very, very clean condition and running, but missing a power cable. It just needs a general service, and it comes with a very cool, original case. I also have Mitchell BNCR #291 which came out of the MovieTech collection and may be missing some pieces. And I also have a blue Twentieth Century-Fox Cine Simplex camera that needs a lot of clean-up. Plus, I want to start testing the Nagras one by one so they can be listed for sale as well. Lots of exciting things to come!