Digging for Treasure at the Remains of MovieTech Studios

A brief post this week as we have spent much of the last week and a half unburying the collection of my dear friend Ewing Miles “Lucky” Brown. I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture of the disaster that was the storage space where Lucky’s equipment has been living for the past few years, but it was certainly a sight to behold. Boxes of film stacked 8ft high, jumbled piles of equipment, both in cases and loose, years of files and paperwork strewn about. We managed to dig our way through the mess to identify and recover most of his camera gear. I’m sure a lot was left behind, but this was the best Erin and I could do under the time constraints. With our thanks to Jerry Maranda for his invaluable help moving and schlepping all of the heavy treasures, we managed to bring home as much as we could carry. Much more to come as we unpack and go through everything we rescued.