Debrie Parvo Tripod

Debrie Parvo Tripod and Pan Tilt Head

I have had Parvo #34 in my inventory for some time and have admired the camera, tripod, and pan tilt head since I got it. It was finally time to remove the ancient grease, dirt, and grime, and get everything in working order again. I started with the pan tilt head because, at first glance, it seemed the least intimidating. Boy was I wrong! The Parvo pan tilt head is made up of quite a number of threaded backlash adjusters, spring-loaded drive shafts, and cam compensating shafts within shafts that were all sealed together with so much petrified grease, it was almost impossible to get them all apart. Here it is in most of its glory. There are still a few screws that are so frozen in place, I haven’t been able to get all of the tilt assembly out of the casting. This fascinating piece of engineering uses a jack screw to tilt the top plate down from the level position. The hinge point for the tilt plate also acts as the housing for the panning mechanism. All the mechanics have precision threaded adjustment shafts to take out as much backlash from the pan the tilt axes as possible.