Cinerama Slate

Cinerama Slate

I wanted to share one more truly amazing item from John Hora’s collection before the end of the year. John was involved in a project in 2012, along with fellow cinematographer Douglas Knapp and director David Strohmaier, filming a three-panel Cinerama travelog about Los Angeles in the original Cinerama style. Additionally John was part of

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Power supply for Cine Simplex Camera

Good Grease Hunting

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, ours was nice and restful. Now that we’re back, I have spent the week hunting everywhere for a suitable replacement grease to finish my work on the Freehead. According to the camera manual, the original grease used in the hydraulic damper for the Freehead was water pump

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Machining a new handle for the Fox Freehead

Machining a new handle for the Fox Freehead Camera Mount

Still not having much success getting the 80-year-old screws out of the Fox Freehead, and to avoid that frustrating task, I turned instead to replacing the missing telescoping pan tilt handle. I spent a long time studying the bad black and white photographs in the Fox Camera manual, and they showed two possibilities for the

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