December 2023

Arriflex 16M 16mm motion picture film camera with 400’ magazine and Angenieux zoom lens


The Arriflex 16M “Magazine” camera was introduced in 1962 as a successor to the venerable ARRI 16 S. Like its predecessor the ARRI S, the ARRI M is a spinning mirror reflex 16mm motion picture camera with a bright viewfinder, a 3-lens divergent turret to work with a variety of lenses, and a small, compact

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Vinten Model H 35mm motion picture film camera with 400' magazine, 3 lenses, and motor

Vinten Model H 35mm Camera

Bringing this interesting Vinten Model H camera back to life during the pandemic made the isolation of that time more bearable. (You can read more about the restoration process on our blog: The unique and innovative design of the Vinten camera made it a world class addition to the 35mm motion picture camera canon. Unlike

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