A peek into the showroom at CinemaGear

A Guided Tour of the CinemaGear Showroom

This week has been crazy busy with many projects, including work on the Super Baltar lenses I showed you last week. Along with my fellow members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences History and Technology Subcommittee, we have been preparing the Dykstraflex for its appearance at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures starting May the 4th for their Across the Galaxy Celebration. Starting on May 4th and continuing through July 8th, the Dykstraflex motion control camera system used to film the effects shot for the original Star Wars trilogy and many other ILM projects, will be on display at the museum where they will have periodic demonstrations of the system in operation. I, along with many others on the subcommittee, have been working on and off on the restoration of the Dykstraflex for many years now. My work started in earnest in 2017, and I am excited to see everyone’s hard work culminate in this public demonstration of this groundbreaking piece of motion picture technology. While I am busy today helping with final preparations for moving the Dflex to the museum, I thought it would be fun to share a video tour of the showroom at CinemaGear.

A narrated video tour of the CinemaGear showroom, showing a selection of our current inventory of vintage and antique motion picture film cameras. The selection includes a number of examples of 35mm Mitchell Standard, GC, NC, BNC, and BNCR cameras, along with several Bell & Howell 2709s, Arriflex 2B, 2C, and 35 BLs, a fascinating Lubin 35mm camera, an original Stein 2-strip color camera, a Mitchell FC Grandeur 70mm camera, a Mitchell VistaVision Butterfly camera, an early wooden Parvo hand crank camera, several Nagra tape recorders, and many other fascinating pieces. Our showroom is open by appointment only Monday through Friday. You will need to call or email in advance to arrange a date and time to come see us in person. You can reach us by email at cinemagear@cinemagear.com or by phone at (424) 297-0049. We are located in the city of Lawndale, California, about 10 minutes south of the Los Angeles International Airport.