Preparing for May the 4th: The Dykstraflex at the Academy Museum

As part of my involvement with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences History and Technology Subcommittee, we have been hard at work getting the Dykstraflex cleaned up and ready to be exhibited at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. This was a long and tedious process, involving a fair amount of logistics, cleaning, adjusting, testing, and hauling, to make the Dykstraflex ready for its second public appearance. Opening just in time for Star Wars day this Saturday, May the 4th, the Academy Museum will present the Across the Galaxy Celebration featuring the Dykstraflex on display in the Spielberg Family Gallery and with scheduled demonstrations of the Dykstraflex happening until July 8th 2024. It was an honor to be part of the team that made this happen. My thanks go out to Gene Kozicki who coordinated much of this project, Joe di Gennaro, Peter Anderson, Les Bernstien, Andre Bustonaby, Joe and Miles Lewis, and the crew from the museum, all of whom made this exhibition possible. I hope you will all come visit this seminal piece of special visual effects history and May the 4th be with you!