Tandberg Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder

Tandberg Model 11P Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder

Recently we noticed a glaring omission from our website. Somehow we never listed this lovely Tandberg reel-to-reel cine tape recorder! Terrible! This unit was serviced by the late Dennis Buhrmann, a master audio technician. The Tandberg was an alternative to the Nagra location recording system and includes many of the same features. Available now!

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Cinerama Slate

Cinerama Slate

I wanted to share one more truly amazing item from John Hora’s collection before the end of the year. John was involved in a project in 2012, along with fellow cinematographer Douglas Knapp and director David Strohmaier, filming a three-panel Cinerama travelog about Los Angeles in the original Cinerama style. Additionally John was part of

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Power supply for Cine Simplex Camera

Good Grease Hunting

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, ours was nice and restful. Now that we’re back, I have spent the week hunting everywhere for a suitable replacement grease to finish my work on the Freehead. According to the camera manual, the original grease used in the hydraulic damper for the Freehead was water pump

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ARKO Background Projector designed and built by Harry Cunningham

ARKO Background Projector

From the collection of Jim Danforth comes another breathtaking piece of equipment, one of the very few surviving ARKO Background Projectors designed and built by Harry Cunningham for Willis O’Brien to create the visual effects for “Mighty Joe Young” (1949). Jim’s early career earned him the reputation of being an extraordinary stop motion animator, sculptor,

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Technicolor DTB Filter

Technicolor Filter Update

Many thanks to Bruce Heller for the following explanation of how the DTB filters were used in the Technicolor dye transfer printing process: This blue filter is a sample of a rough ground Corning Glass DTB (Dark Theater Blue) filter. The example shown here has not been polished. These filters were used in the optical

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