Close-up of sales card for Bell and Howell 2709 sn. 58

Bell and Howell 2709 sn. 58

The next Bell & Howell camera on our restoration schedule is this early model 2709, serial #58. In beginning our research into the camera’s history, we started with the sales card which shows us the purchaser and sales date. The handwriting on this particular card is a bit difficult to decipher, but we think that …

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Mitchell NCR sn. 345

Mitchell NCR sn. 345

This Mitchell NCR began its life as a Mitchell NC when it was sold to Associated Filmakers Inc. on May 28, 1946. Mitchell introduced their NC model in 1932 as an improvement on the earlier Standard model. Later on in its life, NC 345 was converted for reflex viewfinding and rebranded as an NCR. The …

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Bell and Howell 2709 sn. 586

Bell & Howell 2709 #586

The all metal Bell & Howell model 2709 35mm motion picture camera was introduced in 1912 and was manufactured through the 1950s. This camera, serial # 586, was originally sold to Seminole Films, Inc. of Eustis, FL on April 2, 1923. Seminole Films was incorporated in Eustis by Dr. Edgar J. Banks in November of …

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Arriflex 35 no. 1166

Update: Arriflex 35 #1166

Update: With special thanks to Jan Heugel at Arriflex in Munich, we have learned that our Arriflex 35 was originally sold to the Hungarian Ministry of Defense in November 1942. We are both interested and a little terrified to learn more of its history. The search continues!