Jim Danforth

ARKO Background Projector designed and built by Harry Cunningham

ARKO Background Projector

From the collection of Jim Danforth comes another breathtaking piece of equipment, one of the very few surviving ARKO Background Projectors designed and built by Harry Cunningham for Willis O’Brien to create the visual effects for “Mighty Joe Young” (1949). Jim’s early career earned him the reputation of being an extraordinary stop motion animator, sculptor, …

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Technicolor DTB Filter

Technicolor Filter Update

Many thanks to Bruce Heller for the following explanation of how the DTB filters were used in the Technicolor dye transfer printing process: This blue filter is a sample of a rough ground Corning Glass DTB (Dark Theater Blue) filter. The example shown here has not been polished. These filters were used in the optical …

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Technicolor Test Prism

Technicolor Prism and Filter

As I was going through Jim Danforth’s equipment (he saved some very amazing things), I came across a pair of Technicolor prisms and a mysterious blue disc. One prism is from a 3-strip Technicolor camera, and the other prism looks suspiciously like the ones from the early 2-strip Technicolor cameras. There was also what, at …

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