Technicolor Test Prism

Technicolor Prism and Filter

As I was going through Jim Danforth’s equipment (he saved some very amazing things), I came across a pair of Technicolor prisms and a mysterious blue disc. One prism is from a 3-strip Technicolor camera, and the other prism looks suspiciously like the ones from the early 2-strip Technicolor cameras. There was also what, at first, I thought was a filter. But it’s too dense to be a filter and it is textured like its cloth. So, I am putting it out there, if anyone reading this knows what the blue disc is for, I would love to know. I tried reaching out to Bruce Heller, but haven’t been able to connect with him yet. The prism from the 3-strip camera is labeled “Hi-Lite Prism Axes Gr. 1.520 R. 1.518”, and the lid of the box identifies it as F-2 No.3. The prism seems to have the required filter cemented to one of its faces. The 2-strip prism unfortunately is missing the red and green filters and the frame that holds them to the movement. I just thought these were fascinating and hope you agree.