A picture of the recently acquired equipment lot, including3 Bell & Howell Eyemo cameras, some Bell & Howell magazines, some theodolite magazines, some Parvo magazines, a Mitchell tripod, and assorted lenses.

Rescue of a Garage Full of Stuff

Sadly, a former client passed away some time ago and his family asked if I would review his collection and rescue his movie-related gear. This was a wonderful life’s collection of audio, video, and motion picture film equipment. As my focus is only on motion picture film equipment, I dug out a Mitchell tripod, some

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Vinten Model H 35mm motion picture camera

Vinten Model H Magazines

This week we tackled the project of cleaning and repairing of the Vinten 400’ magazines. One of the first things people notice when they see the Vinten camera is how similar the camera and the magazines look to the Bell and Howell 2709. Mechanically, the Vinten has very little similarity to the 2709; the movement,

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