A Pana ARRI 35 II C!

A Pana ARRI 35 II C joins our offerings! While we were in the middle of moving from our previous location to our present one, we were offered a collection of cameras and accessories that we never had much of a chance to sort through. This diamond in the rough came to the surface a few weeks ago when we were reorganizing the warehouse area. I remember first seeing a Pana ARRI 35 II C around the same time I was refurbishing one of theĀ  giant fiberglass-housed, shoulder mounted, Arriflex II C blimps. Those ARRI blimps were a marvel of mis-engineering, being huge and hard to operate. The Pana ARRI, on the other hand, was engineered so that all of the Panavision accessories of the time could be used with an ARRI II C. Conceptually, a much better and more well-executed idea. If your show was using Panavision equipment, many of the accessories could be shared with your B or 2nd Unit camera. The only drawback for this particular camera is that it is fitted with a BNCR lens mount. This working camera is offered as shown, with Panavision iris rods, a Panavision follow focus, and a Panavision matte box, as well as bigger, brighter magnifying eyepiece, and an Arriflex constant speed motor. It also comes with the wonderfully convenient and brilliantly designed Ted Rae top carry handle. Available now here: https://bit.ly/3NlJXsi

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