VistaVision 400′ and 1000′ Magazines – Technicolor?

I know that I said I was going to work on the new display shelving unit for the showroom first thing in the new year, but I needed to get all of these pieces of VistaVision equipment cleaned up, repaired, and put away before I begin to make all that saw dust. I also have 4 other major projects waiting to be looked at before I commit to carpentry. There are four 400’ VistaVision magazines that needed to be stripped, deep cleaned, and repainted, as well as four 1000’ magazines needing the same treatment. Additionally, there are four cases that needed to be stripped of rotting case foam, cleaned, and repadded. I was able to finish the work to restore the 400’ magazines last week. This week I was able to finish refurbishing the cases for the 400’ magazines, and repaint and service two of the 1000’ magazines. As I was doing this work, I noticed that one of the 1000’ magazines was engraved “Technicolor LW-No. 4”. I haven’t done my homework to see what this means, but it’s fascinating that Technicolor used this camera and magazine at some time in its life.