Acme-style Unit “I” Shuttle camera movement

A Glance Inside an Acme-style Unit “I” Shuttle

As we have established in the recent past, wrinkle paint does not do well in the rain and the cold, both of which we have had in Los Angeles this week. So much as I wanted to be finished with the VistaVision magazines this week, that had to be put on hold again until the weather cooperates. I did manage to scrape disgusting dissolving case foam out of the magazine cases and re-foam them. I was also able to strip the remaining 2 magazines in preparation for painting and reassembly.

In the meantime, I had to service one of the Unit “I” Shuttles I showed previously, so I thought I would show the various bits and pieces that make up this wonderful piece of machinery before I reinstall it in an Acme Model 6 camera. For those who have never had the opportunity to work with one of these movements, feel free to ask questions.