New Arrival: Mitchell NC #239

New Arrival: Mitchell NC serial #239. This camera was originally purchased by the United States Army Air Corps in 1944. It looks to be in good condition upon our initial inspection. We would love to know what the Army Air Corps was using this camera for back in the 1940s.

Mitchell Pan and Tilting Head for Anti-Aircraft Triangulation Camera

We have been working on finishing the setup of the showroom this week, and pulled this interesting item out of storage. It is labeled as a Pan and Tilting Head for Use with Anti Aircraft Triangulation Camera, Type CMZ-3B and was built by the Mitchell Camera Corporation for the United States Navy. Beyond that, we …

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Tandberg Model 11

Just back from master electronics repair technician Dennis Buhrmann, this extraordinary Tandberg model 11 reel-to-reel 1/4″ tape recorder will be available on our site soon. The Tandberg model 11 was a less expensive alternative to the Nagra Portable Location Recorder. This model dates to the late 1960’s.

The D-Flex at Galatic Innovations

The Dykstra-Flex made its first public reappearance at the Academy Science and Technology Council’s Galactic Innovations event last night after decades in storage. I am thrilled to have been instrumental in bringing this amazing piece of equipment back to life. My thanks to Joe Di Gennaro, Gene Kozicki, Joe Lewis, and Miles Lewis for their …

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The Dykstra-Flex camera crane reassembled at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Dykstra-Flex Has Left the Building

The Dykstra-Flex has left the building! Yesterday the restored Trojan head was brought back to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to be reinstalled on the Dykstra-Flex crane. After much struggle, all went well and everything ran successfully.

It Moves!

It moves once more! The Dykstra-Flex pan, tilt, and roll device, referred to as the Trojan helmet, has been restored to working condition. We are preparing to reattach it to the main camera mover later this week and will have a complete, working Dykstra-Flex in a few day if all goes well.

ARRI Step Printer

Another new find this week: an Arnold & Richter (ARRI) type E step printer, ca. 1932. This is an improved model of the original film printer that ARRI made beginning in 1917.

Dykstra-Flex Restoration Continues

Restoration work continues on the Dykstra-Flex. Drive components for the pan and tilt axes on the Trojan helmet pan tilt head have been restored and we are currently recreating the missing parts for the roll axis. Getting close to bringing all of the pieces of this project back together!